Export Tasks


Export to Excel is only avaiable from Project Timeline version 1.3.3, and also requires purchasing Cloud Sync. You can see how to update from the Windows Store at http://projecttimeline.vsoftstudio.com/Feature/Update.

What can be exported and what format the data will be exported into

Currently Project Timeline allow you to export all your tasks residing on our Cloud service, and the exporting will be done by our service as well. Therefore, you will need to purchase Cloud Sync, and you will need an Internet connection to perform exporting.

The data will be exported into an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx), so that you can easily leveraging all the powerful feature of Excel such as filtering, sorting or even drawing charts on your data. The exported Excel file is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 to Microsoft Excel 2013.

A sample of the exported Excel table
Making a Pivot chart to do some analysis

How to export

  1. Go to Project's details page by swipe to the right (right click) on the Project name in Timeline page and tap Details button in the AppBar or tap the Project directly in the project list
    Select project in Timeline page
    Select project in Project list page
  2. Swipe up from the bottom edge (or right click on the screen) to open the App bar.
  3. Tap on Export to Excel button.
    Export to Excel button on App bar
  4. Choose a place on your computer to save the Excel file (.xlsx)